Hemp SweetHearts (1 Case)

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ROCKY MOUNTAIN GRAIN PRODUCTS, The inventor of Original Hemp Hearts ™ NOW offers another great health food:


A perfect protein breakfast food for kids (or anyone) … no sugar or starch. 

Satisfies hunger for hours.
Eat with berries and cream, yogurt, milk, fruit, etc.
Each serving is the protein equivalent of 2 quarts of mother’s milk.
Contains Hemp Hearts Protein Flakes sweetened with botanical extracts for flavour (not sugar) … perfect for children and others who like sweet taste.
Usually used with berries and cream, canned or frozen fruit or any other tasty topping.

Unlike Hemp Hearts ™ , Hemp Hearts High Energy Crumbles ™, Hemp Hearts High Protein Crumbles ™, and Hemp Sweethearts ™, may lose their perfect fresh taste if they are stored un-frozen for many months. They will never be harmful. Some individuals may even prefer a more aged taste, but we recommend that they be kept in a freezer and used from the freezer. They will not actually freeze, but they will remain perfectly fresh virtually forever.

Allergy warning: Hemp Hearts Protein Flakes(TM) may contain tiny amounts of other grains; our chocolate contains some dairy, sugar, vanilla and soy emulsifier; our nuts, fruit & maple syrup are typical bulk store items.

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1 Case: 18 tubs of  Hemp SWEETHEARTS

One case contains 18 tubs.  Each  tub ( container) is 2oz (55g) of  Hemp SWEETHEARTS™:  The Hemp Hearts Protein Flakes sweetened with botanical extracts (not sugar) … perfect for children and others with sweet tastes.  Usually used with berries and cream, canned or frozen fruit or any other tasty topping.)




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